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Welcome to LangoKids Irvine!

LangoKids is the only foreign language program in Irvine that offers Spanish and French classes and camps (The Mandarin Chinese Section has been discontinued) for kids between 1 and 10 years old. We teach all levels, from beginning to very advanced classes. Complete our entire cycle of classes and camps to reap the benefits of having a bilingual child. We specialize in Language Acquisition (not Language Learning), have years of experience under our belts, and it's truly our pleasure to serve you!


Not sure about what the right class for your child is? Attend our next Open House in January to find out. RSVP required!Eventbrite - FREE Classes for All in the Winter!


Wait! Before you register, please read what the experts at LangoKids Irvine recommend for your child HERE. Thank you!


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At LangoKids Irvine, we believe every child should and can acquire a foreign language. We welcome everybody:

Multilingual or Spanish or French-speaking families seeking support in speaking a target language outside the home and with other children. We also support the kids that already speak the language and are ready to explore language functionality through our unique and fun grammar and theater lessons.

 Families with little or no Spanish or French language skills seeking exposure to language through immersion.
Educators of schools and daycare centers looking to provide a dynamic, play-based, and year-round Spanish or French program for their students and families.
Children everywhere and from all backgrounds who show a unique fascination for other languages and cultures! See why LangoKids Irvine is the best option in foreign language acquisition for your children:

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All that Glitter is Snow...

 Don't miss out! Join us for a great linguistic and cultural experience through camps or classes in the winter. Winter camp is a very effective way to speed up the language acquisiton process while the kids learn about holiday traditions of other cultures, eat traditional dishes, dance, sing, make snow, play games, and more! Space is limited and registration ends on December 3rd.

Oct 17, 2014
Winter is Almost Here...

 Registrations for our Winter Camp and Session are almost here. Reserve your spot soon as classes fill up quickly. We look forward to seeing you in the winter.



Oct 14, 2014
Happy to Announce that...

 LangoKids Irvine is proud to be listed as one of IPSF's Top Businesses supporting education in Irvine.


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