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Summer and Winter Camps

Summer Camp 2014


Registrations for our amazing "Summer Camp 2015" are coming shortly...Don't miss out! 

 We are excited to announce our first “All Spanish Sumer Camp”. Camp Lango has a history that began back in 2009 (See all 5 years of camp here), but this is the first camp where only Spanish will be spoken (Solamente Español). It will be a real immersion experience for those interested in making Spanish their kids’ second or third language. They’ll understand it, speak it, and ultimately… love it! Camp Lango is an all-day camp designed to give children ages 5-10 a unique summer experience. Campers get to spend their summertime having fun, being engaged in the summer, and taking pretend trips to different destinations of Latin America and Europe. At Camp Lango each week is a new destination! The best thing is we don't have to fly! Without lost luggage and jet lag, we are able to "visit" these places and learn about their traditions, recreation, and cuisine. Each week ends with a celebration for parents, family, and friends. Extended care in the morning and afternoon is available for FREE. Our longstanding partnership with College for Kids at IVC provides great services and the best security for our teachers and kids. We’ll have access to multimedia rooms and ample play areas for our outdoor games and adventure challenges of the afternoon. Don't miss out on the opportunity of having your children experience a fun and full of learning summertime with us!


 Save 10% if you register before or on April 1st


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*This year, we have two 50% off scholarships ( Scholarships for Camp Lango 2014 will be assigned on March 31st) to families that are in a tight financial situation, but truly desire this experience for their kids and can tell us a very compelling story. Email us at cgarcia@langokidsirvine.com to request your application form.


Go to this link and read the suggestions we have to help you decide the best class/camp choice for your child.

 Camp Lango Daily Schedule



7:30 am-9:00am

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10:40 am

11:30 am

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12:40 pm

1:00 pm

2:00 pm

2:30 pm

3:00 pm

3:00 pm to 5:00 pm

FREE Extended Care Drop-off

Beginning of Program and Welcome Celebration

Group Division and Language Activities


Music/Reader’s Theater/Writing Workshops

Arts &Crafts (theme based)

Lunch/End of the day for Half-day Campers

Resting Time/Games

Adventure Challenge and The Week’s Destination

Music & Story Time

Review of topics of the day, end of the day celebration

Pick-up Time

FREE Extended Care


 Each language follows a similar schedule of activities. This is just a sample schedule as each day may vary according to the activities planned for that day. Every Friday at 11:30 am, parents are invited to join their child for an end of the week celebration. Join us and see your kids using the language on the stage.





IVC (The Kids' College)

5500 Irvine Center Dr. Irvine, CA

Classrooms TBA

15 minute drop off and pick-up area in parking lot #4


June 30- July 3 *No class on July 4th - Day compensated with additional materials


July 7 - July 11


July 14 - July 18


July 21 - July 25


July 28 - Aug. 1


Aug. 4 - Aug. 8


Aug. 11 - Aug. 15

* 1 week registrations are not allowed.

*Weeks purchased have to be consecutive for us to guarantee results.  



Full day

9am-3 pm $349/week*

FREE Extended Care:

7:30am - 9am


*When paying online and by card, a 2.5% convenience charge applies. Convenience Fee Waved for Personal payments by check or cash only.



All kids that attend summer camp advance dramatically in their language skills. Of course, the longer they're in the program, the better the results will be. We group students by levels of fluency and by ages. For Spanish, there will be 4 teachers working with four groups of about 10-12 students each.  Parents of kids who haven't had much exposure, are encouraged to purchase weeks early in the program. NO week is a prerequisite for the next, in fact, all topics are separate, but for those who have stayed longer, we do revisit topics from other weeks and knowledge builds up. The fact that there are kids who do the entire program, makes level to go up week after week, so the last 2 or 3 weeks are a little more challenging than any other weeks, so please be aware of that when you register.

When you bring a child to us, you are entrusting your child to experienced professionals in the area of language teaching. Additionally, we are moms of fully bilingual and trilingual kids (who are in the program as well), and that sets us apart from other language schools.

Summer camp is our favorite time of the year not only because it's so nice out, but also because it's very gratifying to see how much campers accomplish in only 7 weeks. In fact, a camper is able to achieve in 7 weeks, what a student accomplishes taking one class a week for a year and a half.

Every week we give our campers a new book with all the activities we learn throughout the week. They receive it on Monday and they take it home on Fridays so parents can review concepts at home. Every day we work on a different project and kids bring those projects home. Ask your camper about the craft; we are sure they'll have a great story to tell! 



Safety is first for us. IVC does a fantastic job providing us assistance through their Campus Safety Team. We also make sure all kids are taken care of all at all times. Cristina, the director, is there at all times supervising and helping teachers and campers.


  • Withdrawals before June 1: Camp fee refunded less 10% Administrative Fee.
  • Withdrawals between June 2-June 21: Camp fee refunded less 25% Administrative Fee
  • On or after June 30: Camp fee is non refundable.

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Camp Lango in Irvine is the place where your child will acquire a language, be safe, grow, and make friends while enjoying the summertime. Our theme of each week goes along with regular camp activities  which culminate with a celebration and performance for parents and friends on the last day of the week. Don’t miss out! Join us for 2 weeks or the entire summer. The experience and the language acquired will never be forgotten.




Week # 1: June 30 - July 3 Insectmania/Mania de Insectos


I bet you didn’t know that in spite of their size, insects are the largest group in the animal kingdom. I would have never imagined that either! Scientists estimate there are over 1 million insect species on the planet living and adapting to all environments, from the hottest to the coldest places on earth.  So, we thought that they deserved our attention and the honor to help us kick off a great summer camp this year. We also thought that it will be worth helping insects clean their bad reputation for being disgusting, nasty, and creepy creatures…no worries, we’ll make sure they don’t bug our campers at all! Kids will enjoy learning about them, appreciating them, listening to stories about them, and turning into entomologists for a day as they go on a bug hunt. Campers will also learn why insects are so good to humans. They help us by pollinating our crops, decomposing organic matter, they can even help researchers find cures for cancer, and believe it or not, they can help detectives solve crimes. We have a lot to learn from them as they are amazing team workers, and they are incredible at displaying their defense mechanisms. However, on the not so positive side, they can affect humans by spreading diseases and damaging plants and structures, and that's why learning about their lives is a worthwhile pursuit. Join us for an exciting first week of camp!

Destination of the Week: Colombia (Cool fact: Colombia covers only 1 percent of the world's land surface, but boasts 10 percent of the world's flora and fauna) 

Week # 2: July 7 - July 11 Time Travelers/ Viajeros del Tiempo

Give your child a ticket to go back in time and to explore world history! How about going to Spain to see what life in the medieval times was like? Although, this is a very convoluted time in history of humanity, we’ll show the kids the good things about it of course…living in castles, going to fighting tournaments, dealing with furious Vikings, and experiencing the blossoming of knowledge in fields such as literature, architecture, arts, and more. Our campers will have a blast comparing medieval lifestyle with the modern lifestyle we know today. We know they’ll be very surprised of what they learn. One little caveat was for example, people back then didn’t have airplanes or cars to go from one place to another. How did they cope then? Come to camp Lango this week and find out!

Destination of the Week: Spain (Fun fact: People in the Middle Ages despised bathing for many reasons. Queen Isabel I of Spain once confessed that she had taken a bath only twice in her lifetime, when she was first born and when she got married...that's when perfumes became so popular, and necessary I'd say)


Week# 3: July 14 - July 18 Sea Myths and Adventures: Sirens, Pirates, and Mermaids/ Mitos del Mar y Aventuras: Sirenas y Piratas

This is probably going to sound confusing, but it’s actually true. Do you know how to say mermaid in Spanish? Sirena. OK and now, do you know how to say siren in Spanish? Sirena as well. Confused yet? In Spanish there’s only one word to say mermaid and siren, however, those are two very different creatures. The only thing they have in common is the fact that they are mythological and magical beings. What’s different is their nature and what they do for sea travelers. Have you heard or read the Odyssey by Homer? Odysseus, the novel’s hero crosses the sea but is warned not to listen to the sirens’ beautiful singing, so he plugs his ears with wax and he escapes from falling in their terrible and lethal trap. Physically speaking, a siren is a creature with the body of a bird and the head of a woman, and a mermaid…well you know. You also associate the idea of a mermaid to something good and innocent. We can’t forget our pirates, fearless fellows that can’t wait for camp to start. This week we’ll need campers that help us read maps, locate cardinal points, and find priceless treasures. Join us this week for a great sea adventure!

Destination of the Week: Puerto Rico

Week# 4 July 21 July 25:   Dinosaur Fever/Fiebre de Dinosaurios

Who doesn’t love talking about dinosaurs? I don’t know about you and your kids, but I find them fascinating! It’s incredible to me that dinosaurs ruled the earth for hundreds of millions of years and then suddenly they disappeared. Where did they go? This week we’ll have fun learning about these mighty creatures, their habitats, food, we’ll find out amazing facts, watch awesome videos and stories, make cool fossil projects and more! Have you heard of Pterodactyls? You may think those are dinosaurs too, but guess what…they are simply flying reptiles that lived during the age of the dinosaurs and the same happens with the ones that lived in water (can you think of their names?)…amazing, huh? Learn how to differentiate and characterize a real dinosaur this week at Camp Lango

Destination of the Week: Argentina


Week # 5: July 28- August 1 Architectural Wonders of the World/Maravillas Arquitectonicas

 Although the Seven Wonders of the World may look supernatural at first sight, they were made by people, people of flesh and bone like you and me. That’s what’s so impressive about these mega constructions! Even more so, that they were made with so much precision in the time where bulldozers, lift cranes, precision measuring instruments, and computers didn’t even exist. So we gotta find out how on earth things like those were made! Now, there’s plenty of debate in regards to what the “real” wonders are as they are divided into old and new, ancient, modern, and even natural ones. Our campers will explore the awesomeness of the ones denominated as the modern Seven Wonders of the World. Can you name them? If not, here they are: Chichen Itza in Yucatan, Machu Picchu in Cuzco, Colosseum in Rome, Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Petra in Jordan, and Taj Mahal in Agra. How fun! This looks like a trip around the world that your child can't miss! See you there!

Destination of the Week: Peru


Week# 6: August 4 August 8  Fantastic Fables/Fabulas Fantasticas  

What better way to exercise our campers’ imaginations than with fabulous fables and stories this week? If we as adults knew all of the fables that exist, or at least one for each mischief our kids do, we could teach them through a story.  They themselves could come up with the moral or the reason why the action is wrong and voila! Behavior corrected! OK I know that’s a crazy thought and I know it would be time consuming, but only imagine how far this can go in your child’s behavior and imagination.  This week we’ll talk about a man who was very observant of nature and people’s actions. He became really wise by just looking around and writing it all on his rolls. Contrarily to what people may think, he wasn’t exactly a writer. He spent this time working as a slave going from master to master, but always found time to dive into his intellect and memory and write the most fun and educational short stories known as fables. His name was Aesop. This week, we’ll go back in time to remember him and his wonderful stories. We’ll learn about the characters he used in his stories and what we can learn from them (and hopefully help you with modeled behaviors at home). Let us open up your children’s imagination by bringing them to camp this week. You’ll love it as well!

Destination of the Week: Mexico

Week# 7: Aug. 5 -Aug. 9   Soccer Time!/ Hora de Futbol!

Soccer fever is around the corner with the 2014 World Cup taking place in Brazil. I don’t know about you, but we are soccer fanatics and can’t wait to celebrate the joy that this sport gives the world. It appears that like we are not the only ones as we hear that Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. That’s right!  soccer today is the most popular and watched game on earth. This week we are going to the country that knows the most about soccer, the ones that have been world champions for not only one or two times, but five times! Do you know what country is that? If you said Brazil, your guess is correct! If you ask me what my favorite sport is I’d say football, and by that I mean soccer. Confused? Soccer or Football? Soccer is known as football throughout most of the world. In North America, however, the word soccer is used to avoid confusion with American football. Your child will not want to miss the fun, the physical activity, and the learning this week. It’s also the last week of camp and a HUGE surprise waits for all the campers that have completed the week program. See you there!

Destination of the Week: Brazil