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Summer and Winter Camps

Summer Camp 2015 


We are excited to announce our Camp Lango 2015. Camp Lango has a history that began back in 2009 (See all 5 years of camp here). It will be a real Spanish or French immersion experience for those interested in making these languages their kids’ second or third language. They’ll understand it, speak it, and ultimately… love it! Camp Lango is an all-day camp designed to give children ages 5-10 a unique summer experience. Campers get to spend their summertime having fun, being engaged in the summer, and taking pretend trips to different destinations of Latin America and Europe. At Camp Lango each week is a new destination! The best thing is we don't have to fly! Without lost luggage and jet lag, we are able to "visit" these places and learn about their traditions, recreation, and cuisine. Each week ends with a celebration for parents, family, and friends. Extended care in the morning and afternoon is available for FREE. Our longstanding partnership with College for Kids at IVC provides great services and the best security for our teachers and kids. We’ll have access to multimedia rooms and ample play areas for our outdoor games and adventure challenges of the afternoon. Don't miss out on the opportunity of having your children experience a fun and full of learning summertime with us!

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Camp Lango

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*This year, we have two (one for French and one for Spanish) 50% off scholarships. Families that are in a tight financial situation, but truly desire this experience for their kids and can tell us a very compelling story. Scholarships for Camp Lango 2015 will be assigned on March 31st. Email us at cgarcia@langokidsirvine.com to request your application form.

 Go to this link and read the suggestions we have to help you decide the best class/camp choice for your child.

 Camp Lango Daily Schedule


7:30 am-9:00am

9:00 am



10:40 am

11:30 am

12:00 pm

12:40 pm

1:00 pm

2:00 pm

2:30 pm

3:00 pm

3:00 pm to 5:00 pm

FREE Extended Care Drop-off

Beginning of Program and Welcome Celebration

Group Division and Language Activities


Music/Reader’s Theater/Writing Workshops

Arts &Crafts (theme based)

Lunch/End of the day for Half-day Campers

Resting Time/Games

Adventure Challenge and The Week’s Destination

Music & Story Time

Review of topics of the day, end of the day celebration

Pick-up Time

FREE Extended Care

 Each language follows a similar schedule of activities. This is just a sample schedule as each day may vary according to the activities planned for that day. Every Friday at 11:30 am parents are invited to join their child for an end of the week celebration. Join us and see your kids using the language on the stage.





IVC (The Kids' College)

5500 Irvine Center Dr. Irvine, CA

Classrooms TBA

15 minute drop off and pick-up area in parking lot #4


June 29- July 3


July 6 - July 10


July 13 - July 17


July 20 - July 24


July 27 - Aug. 31


Aug. 3 - Aug. 7


Aug. 10 - Aug. 14

* 1 week registrations are not allowed.

*Weeks purchased have to be consecutive for us to guarantee results.  



Full day

9am-3 pm $349/week*

FREE Extended Care:

7:30am - 9am


*When paying online and by card, a 2.5% convenience charge applies. Convenience Fee Waved for Personal payments by check or cash only.



All kids that attend summer camp advance dramatically in their language skills. Of course, the longer they're in the program, the better the results will be. We group students by levels of fluency and by ages. For Spanish, there will be 4 teachers working with four groups of about 10-14 students each.  Parents of kids who haven't had much exposure, are encouraged to purchase weeks early into the program. NO week is a prerequisite for the next, in fact, all topics are different, but for those who have stayed longer, we do revisit topics from other weeks and knowledge builds up. The fact that there are kids who do the entire program, makes the level go up week after week, so the last 2 or 3 weeks are a little more challenging than any other weeks. Please be aware of that when you register.

When you bring a child to us, you are entrusting your child to experienced professionals in the area of language teaching. Additionally, we are moms of fully bilingual and trilingual kids (who are in the program as well), and that sets us apart from other language schools.

Summer camp is our favorite time of the year not only because it's so nice out, but also because it's very gratifying to see how much campers accomplish in only 7 weeks. In fact, a camper is able to achieve in 7 weeks, what a student accomplishes taking one class a week for a year and a half.

Every week we give our campers a new book with all the activities we learn throughout the week. They receive it on Monday and they take it home on Fridays so parents can review concepts at home. Every day we work on a different project and kids bring those projects home. Ask your camper about the craft; we are sure they'll have a great story to tell!


 Safety is first for us. IVC does a fantastic job providing us assistance through their Campus Safety Team. We also make sure all kids are taken care of all at all times. Cristina, the director, is there at all times supervising and helping teachers and campers.


  • Withdrawals before June 1: Camp fee refunded less 10% Administrative Fee.
  • Withdrawals between June 2-June 21: Camp fee refunded less 25% Administrative Fee
  • On or after June 27: Camp fee is non refundable.

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Camp Lango in Irvine is the place where your child will acquire a language, be safe, grow, and make friends while enjoying the summertime. Our theme of each week goes along with regular camp activities  which culminate with a celebration and performance for parents and friends on the last day of the week. Don’t miss out! Join us for 2 weeks or the entire summer. The experience and the language acquired will never be forgotten.



Week # 1: June 29 - July 3 The Sounds of Summer/ Los Sonidos del Verano


Summer is in the air and we need to celebrate it with our campers’ handmade instruments and music. Let’s kick off our camp together and discover the joy of music, movement, and instrument building! We’ll have a good time this week as we stamp our passports to go to Mexico and explore the world of music with master musicians, instruments, dance, singing, and fun! We have prepared a wide array of hands-on projects for our campers this week. We’ll talk about popular and regional folk music from Mexico. Did you know that Mexico is the Spanish speaking country with the most music production? They have incredible music variety and the country produces a huge amount of professional musicians. Don’t miss out on the chance to learn more about Mexico, its folklore and its fantastic people. If this sounds like music to your ears…don't hesitate to participate this week!

Destination of the Week: Mexico

Week # 2: July 6 - July 10 It's Safari Time!/ Es Tiempo de Safari!

Costa Rica is a real hotspot for Latin American wildlife and it is right here on our own continent! The word safari immediately inspires African soil, and yes, an African safari sounds pretty enticing, but the blazing hot not so much. Instead, why not immerse ourselves in Costa Rica’s tropical paradise and attend a parade of animal varieties? By the way, have you seen Costa Rica on a map? It’s a teeny, tiny country. It makes up 0.1% of the world’s landmass, but it contains a whopping 5% of the world’s biodiversity. That’s incredible! Who wants to jump on our LangoKids safari bus? We will be taking you on a fascinating array of activities and lessons to bring alive the magic of a safari. You'll see and learn about exotic animals, wild life and its inhabitants, and experience a safari adventure. While we may not be able to hop on a plane to Costa Rica with our campers, we can certainly foster the adventurous spirit in them. Chameleons, lemurs, crocodiles, and monkeys are waiting for you to put your hat on and explore their territory!

Destination of the Week: Costa Rica 

Week# 3: July 13 - July 17  Vikings Adventures/ Aventuras de los Vikingos

Did you know that around 500 years before Christopher Columbus ‘discovered’ the American continent, Vikings had already visited its shores?  Yes, they were very skilled and loved sailing long, long distances from their home in Scandinavia. While on their trips, they traded goods with every culture they encountered and made big impacts on the world’s art, astronomy, navigation techniques, and technology. They may have been viewed as barbarian raiders, but that’s just popular culture’s way of depicting a culture we know little about. This week we are setting off to revindicate Vikings and give them the credit they deserve.  It is said that on one of their many voyages, the Vikings decided to make a temporary settlement in Spain. They found Spain to be a well-organized, rich and vibrant place. The mix of the two very different cultures proved to be highly interesting and enriching for both. Do you want to know more? Are you curious? Join us this week!

Destination of the Week: Spain  

Week# 4 July 20 July 24: Bon Appetit!/ Buen Apetito!

This week we are encouraging our children to use their imagination and express it in the cooking projects we have prepared this week. We know things can get a bit messy when little hands pitch in, but it’s worth it to see our proud, confident campers tasting and showing off their culinary achievements. Our senses will be loaded this week as well as our minds as we talk about what food makes us healthier and stronger. Join us for a real treat to your taste buds, bodies, and minds!

Destination of the Week: Panama

Week # 5: July 27- July 31 Little Artists/ Pequenos Artistas

Children naturally love art! A sad reality in our public schools is that when budgets get cut back, the arts are usually the first to go. At Camp Lango, we do appreciate the importance of art in building a kid’s brain and want to give art as much emphasis as possible. This week will be dedicated to different types of art, brilliant artistic minds in history, and the stimulation of our camper’s minds by using their senses to create amazing works. We can’t wait to see proud campers showing off their original artistic creations. Parents, make room at your home…their pieces will be worth seeing and keeping! Join us for some art and a lot of fun while doing it!

Destination of the Week: Chile

Week# 6: August 4 August 8  Adventure on Wheels/Aventuras Sobre Ruedas


For a beautiful place that pretty much has it all, look no further than our beautiful California, right in our backyard! With so many natural landscapes and man-made attractions, it is no wonder that California attracts millions of visitors each year from all over the world. Those that live here don’t need to go anywhere, and those that come to visit want to stay for good. We don’t blame them as this is truly a golden state! We’ll help your kids contribute with ideas for your bucket list as we all should know about where we live. We’ll talk about the most important historic sites, our beautiful state parks and beaches and much more. One of the teachers considers herself an adventurer at heart. She has visited many local and international spots and has a lot to share with campers. In fact, she has a picture next to the tallest tree in the world which is here in CA. Can you guess who the explorer in our team is? You have to be with us this week to find out!

Destination of the Week: California  

Week# 7: Aug. 10-Aug. 14 Junior Scuba Divers at Work

From the land, we go to the water! Here are some hints for you...this week we are visiting an island that we don’t know a whole lot about. It’s long and narrow and from the air, it resembles a crocodile or an alligator. If you said Cuba you are right! This island sits in the Atlantic Ocean and has a magic of its own. Let's dock in Cuba to learn all about the ocean! The ocean is a vital resource that provides food, water, commerce, recreation, medicine and even the air we breathe every day. Today, our ocean faces unprecedented threats such us pollution, declining fish populations and climate change. Put your goggles on and explore with us what’s under the surface of the vast aquatic world. The ocean needs our care and action, and precisely, action verbs are at the core of the linguistic component of the week. Join our games, trivia contests, science experiments and have fun learning about sharks and whales, some of the sea’s most amazing creatures. Almost forgot…A message will come in a bottle from a far away land with a special message for our campers this week. I know you are curious, but we can’t tell you quite yet. Be here and see for yourself!

destination of the Week: Cuba


French info coming up!