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Summer and Winter Camps


Summer Camp 2016

Note: Info for Summer Camp 2017 will be updated shortly. Use info below for reference and find updated camp dates on school year calendar. Registrations start on March 1, 2017


We are excited to announce our Camp Lango 2016 as well as a more convenient location for  North OC residents! Camp Lango has a history that began back in 2010 (See all years of camp here). It will be a real Spanish or French immersion experience for those interested in making these languages their kids’ second or third language. They’ll understand the language, speak it, and ultimately… love it! Camp Lango is an all-day camp designed to give children ages 5-10 a unique summer experience (please don't insist if your child is under 5). Campers get to spend their summertime having fun, being engaged in the summer, and taking pretend trips to different destinations of Latin America and Europe. At Camp Lango each week is a new destination! The best thing is we don't have to fly! Without lost luggage and jet lag, we are able to "visit" these places and learn about their traditions, recreation, and cuisine. Each week ends with a celebration for parents, family, and friends. Extended care in the morning and afternoon is available for FREE.



Save 10% if you register before or on April 1st


   Prices for Camp Lango



Camp Lango

Half days

Full days

1 week of Camp Lango



2 weeks of Camp Lango



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7 weeks of Camp Lango



*This year, we have two (one for French and one for Spanish) 50% off scholarships. The scholarship is designed for families that are in a tight financial situation, but that truly desire this experience for their kids and can tell us a very compelling story. Scholarships for Camp Lango 2016 will be assigned on March 31st. Email us at cgarcia@langokidsirvine.com to request your application form.

 Go to this link and read the suggestions we have to help you decide the best class/camp choice for your child.

 Camp Lango Daily Schedule




8:00 am-9:00am

9:00 am



10:40 am

11:30 am

12:00 pm

12:40 pm

1:00 pm

2:00 pm

2:30 pm

3:00 pm

3:00 pm to 5:00 pm

FREE Extended Care Drop-off

Beginning of Program and Welcome Celebration

Group Division/Daily routine, dances and singing time


Reader’s Theater/Writing Workshops/Destination

Arts &Crafts (theme based)

Lunch/End of the day for Half-day Campers

Resting Time/Games

Adventure Challenge/Practical application of concepts

Music & Story Time

Review of topics of the day, end of the day celebration

Pick-up Time

FREE Extended Care

 Each language follows a similar schedule of activities. This is just a sample schedule as each day may vary according to the activities planned for that day. Every Friday at 11:30 am parents are invited to join their child for an end of the week celebration. Join us and see your kids using the language on the stage.





 Irvine Valley College  (IVC)

5500 Irvine Center Dr. Irvine, CA

SPANISH ONLY CAMP 7 WEEKS for basic, intermediate and advanced levels

(June27 - August12) 

*New Location*

Lycée International of Los Angeles (LILA)

1838 N. Shaffer St. Orange, CA 92865

SPANISH & FRENCH CAMP 5 WEEKS for basic and intermediate levels

(June 27- July 29)


June 27- July 1


July 5 - July 8*


July 11 - July 15


July 18 - July 22


July 25 - July 29


Aug. 1 - Aug. 5


Aug. 8 - Aug. 12

* 4 day week same rate as other weeks 

1 week registrations are not allowed.

Weeks purchased have to be consecutive for us to guarantee results.  



Full day

9am-3 pm $349/week*

FREE Extended Care:

Morning: 8:00 am - 9am

     Afternoon:  3pm-5pm


 *When paying online and by card, a 2.5% convenience charge applies. Convenience Fee Waved for payments at our office paid by check or cash only.

 Grouping: We have 3 levels of fluency at camp: basic, intermediate and advanced. There will be two basic groups divided by ages 5-7 and 7-10. Ages for the intermediate and advanced group are secondary to fluency, so we do not look at the age, but we do expect students to be able to keep with the level if placed in the higher level groups. If you have a student who you think might be a candidate for an intermediate or advanced class, please call us (714-864-4680) to request an assessment.

Spanish Summer Camp 2016 Registration Form (IVC)

French/Spanish Summer Camp Regsitration Form 2016 (LILA)

Scholarship Application 2016



All kids that attend summer camp advance dramatically in their language skills. Of course, the longer they're in the program, the better the results will be. We group students by levels of fluency and by ages. For Spanish, there will be 4 teachers working with four groups of about 10-14 students each.  Parents of kids who haven't had much exposure, are encouraged to purchase weeks early into the program. NO week is a prerequisite for the next, in fact, all topics are different, but for those who have stayed longer, we do revisit topics from other weeks and knowledge builds up. The fact that there are kids who do the entire program, makes the level go up week after week, so the last 2 or 3 weeks are a little more challenging than any other weeks. Please be aware of that when you register.

When you bring a child to us, you are entrusting your child to experienced professionals in the area of language teaching. Additionally, we are moms of fully bilingual and trilingual kids (who are in the program as well), and that sets us apart from other language schools.


Summer camp is our favorite time of the year not only because it's so nice out, but also because it's very gratifying to see how much campers accomplish in only 7 weeks. In fact, a camper is able to achieve in 7 weeks, what a student accomplishes taking one class a week for a year and a half or so.

Every week we give our campers a new book with all the activities we learn throughout the week. They receive it on Monday and they take it home on Fridays so parents can review concepts at home. Every day we work on a different project and kids bring those projects home. Ask your camper about the craft; we are sure they'll have a great story to tell!


 Safety is first for us. IVC does a fantastic job providing us assistance through their Campus Safety Team. We also make sure all kids are taken care of all at all times. Cristina, the director, is there at all times supervising and helping teachers and campers.


  • Withdrawals before June 1: Camp fee refunded less 10% Administrative Fee.
  • Withdrawals between June 2-June 21: Camp fee refunded less 25% Administrative Fee
  • On or after June 27: Camp fee is non refundable.

See our Gallery of Photos and Videos from previous years HERE

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Camp Lango in Irvine is the place where your child will acquire a language, be safe, grow, and make friends while enjoying the summertime. Our theme of each week goes along with regular camp activities which culminate with a celebration and performance for parents and friends on the last day of the week. Don’t miss out! Join us for at least 2 weeks or the entire summer. The experience and the language acquired will never be forgotten.





Week 1: June 27- July 1 The Universe of Star Wars/ El Universo de Star Wars



We are all suffering from a sudden Star Wars fever but it’s OK. There’s probably no other movie that shows how creative and limitless a mind can be. This week, our Jedi campers will be given the mission to discover the charm in it. We’ll be all buckled-up and ready to immerse ourselves in a world of new elements, language, and fantastic outer space adventures. We’ll talk about the imaginary world of Star Wars and learn how to describe the characters physical and internal qualities. We’ll study the amazing battleships used so we can create a replica then jump back to the real world to learn a bit more about our own space, shuttles, planets, and stars. We’ll create mini-books, and will do fun science, math, and art projects your camper can’t miss out on. What do you need for this 5 day journey to the galaxy solar system? Just yourself and your imagination! Ah, don’t forget your Lango passport; Yoda or an astronaut up there might request it!

Note: This week we'll be watching clips of ONLY the first movie Episode IV – A New Hope. This is a classic and it's very imaginative. We are very careful of showing content that is suitable for kids ages 5010. We are using the movie mainly to introduce the topic of how to describe a person physically and emotionally.

Destination of the Week: Chile


Week 2: July 5 - July 8 Healthy Mind, Healthy Body/Mente Sana en Cuerpo Sano


How do we have a healthy mind? Only if we have a healthy body! This week we are determined to engage our campers in fun lessons, calisthenics, and fun activities for their well-being. Did you know that our friend, Cosmo, often times does not make healthy choices when it comes to food? Can you help him? Only with our advice, he can finally understand that good eating habits and a healthy amount of exercise help him keep his mind and body performing at its best. Learn with us about your senses, body parts, and the health professionals that are there to help us. We’ll also engage in friendly competition, but not before taking an oath of mutual respect and tolerance… in Spanish of course. Diverse activities ensure that every day at camp will be entertaining and unique for all as we embark on a trip to enchanting Costa Rica. Have you been there? If you have, you know what we are talking about. Participate in our challenge of the week to help your group get the prize for making good choices and finishing strong! See you there!

Destination of the Week: Peru


Week 3: July 11 - July 15 Disney Adventures/ Aventuras de Disney

The same way as the first week we’ll be admiring and honoring the talent of George Lucas, this week is all about the amazing man that has made us all laugh, dream, and cry: Walt Disney. At the heart of each one of his stories is the desire for a dream to come true. Stories like these make children use their imagination and the lessons learned make for stronger, brave and courageous kids. There’s nothing we long more for our kids than just that. Stories fire our imaginations, and through them, we go to places that we wouldn’t be able to visit just for fun. If you would love for your kids to experience lots of magical, mystical, as well as real happenings, and to exercise their imagination, have them join us this week and delight themselves with what we have prepared!


Note: This week we will be showing clips of the classic Disney movies. We'll talk about morals, characters, and professions and as usual, we'll be very careful of not showing material that is not suitable for kids ages 5-10.


Destination of the Week: El Salvador


Week 4: July 18- July 22 Tasty Treats/Deliciosos Bocados!



It’s time to awaken all our senses and talk about the magnificent things gardens and crops have to offer to us all! This week we have all kinds of surprises in store for all our campers.  We’ll be talking about butterflies and bees and their important jobs at a garden, we’ll explore Tractors, Tools and Trucks. Best of all, we’ll go on a walk to a nearby field searching for the ingredients of our week’s healthy treat. In fact, we’ll have a salsa contest your child can’t miss. Finally, and as if all that fun wasn’t enough, we’ll also get inspired this week to become young artists and make unique garden themed art! We hope you can join us this delicious and artistic week! 

Destination of the Week: Puerto Rico


Week 5: July 25 - July 29  STEM and Me/ STEM y Yo




It’s no secret that the current times call for our future generations to be involved in one of the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fields. This week, we are taking it upon us to spark our campers’ curiosity and interest in math-based professions by showing them how engineers and scientists have the power to change the world one idea at a time. In fact, we’ll go back in time and come back to the present looking at those ideas that have revolutionized and keep revolutionizing the world we live in. Campers will get to work on hands-on experiments and amaze us and you with their own creative and practical inventions. To our campers’ surprise, we’ll have a special guest who will be talking about his love for robotics. Hopefully this serves as inspiration for our campers’ future. Shh don’t tell them, but I know he has a bunch of surprises for those who join us this week! We can’t wait!


Destination of the Week:  Costa Rica



Week 6 Aug. 1 - Aug. 5 The Art of Recycling  


This week we want to teach our campers that there is a simple alternative to buying several of the things we need or like…making them with recycled materials or simply, materials around us.  Yes, stores have it all, and it’s so easy to walk in and out with what we want, but there’s so much gratification to what is made by our own hands and we can’t put a price to it! What we forget is that many times, we do have what we need, but we don’t see it. If we all awaken our senses and think in practical ways, we’ll know just what to do. The world is full of examples of how something insignificant can become great and practical and we’re there to show that to our campers. Join us for a unique experience where the ordinary elements become unique and priceless designs...long-lasting pieces of art. The week will end with a display of the campers’ creativity and a party to celebrate our own creations.

Destination of the Week:  Mexico


Week 7: Aug. 8 - Aug. 12 Tricky Tricks/ Magia, Magia




Who said kids can’t do magic? In fact, kids are best at magic because for them, magic just happens, it’s real in their eyes and for them, no explanation is needed. Our teachers this week have some tricks under their sleeves to wow and inspire your mini magician. Be ready because your child will come home wanting to do magic tricks and impress even the most skeptical audience, but please don’t ask them how...we do not want our secrets out! This week we’ll learn all about what makes a good magician, their props, the philosophy, drama, humor, and music behind great acts by great world known magicians. As it’s our tradition, we’ll close camp with a show our campers can’t miss. You just might know what the show will be about, but let us surprise the kids. This year camp will be so much fun and we can’t wait for it to start. See you there!

destination of the Week: Panama









Week 1: June 27- July 1: Le Paradis Tropical/Tropical Paradise


Did you know that Martinique is truly a little piece of France in the Caribbean? This week we’ll learn how to appreciate the lure of the sand, the beauty of flowers, and the warmth of the sun with our pretend trip to this island. There’s no better way to start off our camp than with a survivor challenge to put ourselves to the test! Martinique is a real paradise and keeping the island intact is also our duty, so we’ll talk about ways to preserve its beauty. Recycling, caring for animals, and resource preservation are some of the projects our campers will dive into this week. When our campers’ accomplish goals and use the target language with their “Camp Lango Survival Kit” they will get rewards and the chance to win points for their tribe, which can be exchanged for treats at the end of the week. So, sharpen your survival skills and get ready for this amazing experience!


Destination of the Week: Martinique



Week 2: July 5 - July 8: Les Amis de l'océan/Ocean Friends


And from the land, we go to the water! Here are some hints for you...this week we are visiting a French City that is the second largest, it's mediterranean, warm, romantic, and cosmopolitan. If you said Marseille you were right! This city is right next to the ocean and has a magic of its own. Let's dock in Marseille Port to learn all about the ocean! The ocean is a vital resource that provides food, water, commerce, recreation, medicine and even the air we breathe every day. Today, our ocean faces unprecedented threats such us pollution, declining fish populations and climate change. Put your goggles on and explore with us what’s under the surface of the vast aquatic world. The ocean needs our care and action, and precisely, action verbs are at the core of the linguistic component of the week. Join our games, trivia contests, science experiments and have fun learning about sharks and whales, some of the sea’s most amazing creatures. Almost forgot…A message will come in a bottle from a far away land with a special message for our campers this week. I know you are curious, but we can’t tell you quite yet. Join us and see for yourself!


Destination of the Week: Marseille


Week 3: July 11 - July 15: Les voyageurs de l'espace/Space travelers


Now it’s time to talk about planets, stars, and astronauts! Buckle up and let us immerse you in a world of new language and fantastic outer space adventures. This week is packed with games, activities, and fun space facts. We’ll create mini-books, and will do fun science, math, and art projects your child can’t miss out on. We’ll also see videos and talk about those who have changed the world's history by going to the outer space. In fact, this week is dedicated to Canada, a country that has accomplished some remarkable achievements in space technology. Do you want to know more? Join us! What do you need for this 5 day journey to the solar system? Just yourself and your imagination. Ah, Don’t forget your Lango passport; an astronaut up there might request it!


Destination of the Week: Canada




Week 4: July 18- July 22: Divertissements et Activités Sportives/ Fun and Fitness


How do we have a healthy mind? Only if we have a healthy body! This week we are determined to engage our campers in fun lessons, calisthenics, and fun activities for their well-being. Did you know that our friend Cosmo, often times does not make healthy choices when it comes to food? Can you help him? Only with our advice, can he finally understand that good eating habits and a healthy amount of exercise help him keep his mind and body performing at his best. Learn with us about your senses, body parts, and the health professionals that are there to help us. Participate in our challenge of the week to help your group get the prize for making good choices and finishing the best.


Destination of the Week: Switzerland


Week 5: July 25 - July 29: Aventure dans la Ville/ Adventure in The City


Have you ever thought that if you lived in Paris you'll never be bored? Paris has over 70 Museums, monuments and cultural tourist stops. At ourcamp site, this weekwe're off to start an adventure with the LangoKids in the city of Paris and also we'll dive into some lessons in French art and culture! Crafts, art, literature and performances by Lango Campers are on display at the week's end. Don't miss out! We'll have a carnival that celebrates all city workers and crafts, art, and performances by Lango Campers are on display at the week's end. Our campers will explore their communities' endless activities and places of interest. We’ll read a Cosmo adventure in the city, and then follow with hands-on activities that include building sculptures, towers and more! Could there be a better way to learn French?


Destination of the Week: Paris






See you there!