This is what parents are saying about our classes and Camp Lango Irvine:


  • I want to express my gratitude to Maestra Anita who took such great care of my son as he needs care due to allergies and thank you to Cristina as well for making sure he didn't touch the recycling containers.  I really appreciate the length that you and your staff took to care for my son. It is difficult for me to leave Sean in full day camps due to concerns of his allergies and asthma (actually this camp is Sean's first full day camp) but I must say you guys did a fantastic and awesome job running the camps. Sean is having such a great time there and I know he will want to be back for next year's camp! CY


  •  "Excellent class- My child prefers the Lango Spanish class over her dance class!! Really appreciate the Spanish Immersion approach-we hope to be involved with LangoKids Irvine for a long time. Teacher (Cristina) has excellent rapport with kids and parents. Thank you!"


  •   "My daughter loved her language classes, Cristina is a great teacher and gave us many outside sources to work with. We will definitely continue with Lango in Irvine". Mary.


  • "The kids love the class and Karly said "chaqueta" later that day. It was the first time she spoke spanish without being prompt. Thank you so much - your class is so worth the drive! :)" Flory.


  • "My kids really enjoyed it and asked to go again. They have never asked to be enrolled in a camp before. They usually just put up with camps. They LOVED this one"


  • “My two daughters have been asking me the ENTIRE year as to when they get to go back to Camp Lango! They are so excited that I have enrolled them for summer camp again this year. They can't wait to come back! They always talk about the positive experiences they had at Spanish camp! As a result of this wonderful program, my daughters were speaking Spanish with me the whole summer last year!  A big thank you to Lango's staff for making Spanish such a fun language to learn! My children truly love it!”


  • I am visiting my grandchildren for a few weeks this summer and have been able to witness firsthand their experience in your Spanish immersion summer camp.  I had never heard of the LangoKids program before and find that it is an excellent way of teaching young children a foreign language since it becomes easier the earlier a new language is taught.  Being Spanish speaking myself I have been able to see that the program is successful, this is noted in the  performances that you have every Friday.  I have been present in two of these performances so far and have found that the children improve from one week to the next.  They all participate and although sometimes some are a little shy they do speak and sing in Spanish and seem to enjoy the fact that they can actually speak the language and, of course, have fun.  I think you should be complimented since your desire and enthusiasm in teaching them is evident and this for the children is important and helps in the learning process.  Thank you!  Elba Rose Marrero


  • "Your classes are fantastic and my children thoroughly enjoyed their summer camp experience. We will be enrolling them both again next year. We've bragged about your program to anyone who would listen. Thank you for providing such a high quality and fun educational experience"


  • "I am amazed at my 3 year old's progress after attending the Lango classes in Irvine after only three weeks.  He is repeating his vocabulary words that he has been learning in class and loves reviewing his book with me.  He loves going to class and showing off what he has learned, we are so happy to have this program available to us!" Annemarie Block


  • "My daughter just finished the LangoKids Irvine seven week summer camp. She learned geography, art, music, dance, cooking (her favorite) and more- all in Spanish! This was her second summer at the camp. Her fluency in Spanish has taken a giant leap forward. The staff is very professional and caring." Daphne McGinley 


  • "My daughter has been in this program for over 3 years and we love it. It's the best language immersion program in the area" Claudia Landeras 


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