General Information and Prices




 1. Parent and Toddler - Ages 2-3 years old (Kids need to be solid 2 years to start) Price includes materials and wonderful classes of 45 minutes. These classes combine Spanish and American Sign Language which has proven to be very helfpul for teachers, parents, and kids. These classes are taught by Cristina, the owner and director of LangoKids Irvine. Students don't need anything, in fact no food or toys of any kind are allowed in class. Come with an open mind and be ready to immerse yourself in the language and to play and dance with your child!

$299 Per season for payments by check or cash or $310 (price +$11 Online Administrative Fee for payments with CC) 

2. Transitional Spanish - Ages 3 to 4 years old (1 hour drop off class) These are classes specially designed for kids who have been in our toddler classes  before  as well as for new students in this age group. These classes are $339 during winter, spring and fall.                       

$339 Per season for payments by check or cash or $349  (price + $10.99 Online Administrative Fee for payments with CC)

3. Preschool - Ages 4-5 years old  (1.5 hour drop-off class)                      

 $380 Per season for payments by check or cash or $399 (price + $19 Online Administrative Fee for payments with CC). Get any three 10 week sessions for $950 for payments with check or cash or $990 (price + $40 Online Administrative Fee for payments with CC)

4. Early Elementary - Ages 6-12 years old (1.5 drop-off class)         

 $380 Per season for payments by check or cash or $399 (price + $19 Online Administrative Fee for payments with CC). Get any three 10 week sessions for $950 for payments with check or cash or $990 (price + $40 Online Administrative Fee for payments with CC)                      


Brand New families to our Program Pay a One Time Only $55 registration fee ( Fee waved for All Online Classes) 



LangoKids Irvine is proud to now offer Private Classes. If you are concerned about your child not learning at his/her own pace, or being in class with too many kids in these uncertain times, then a private class is a good option for you. Classes start at any time of the year. Place your request and we’ll assign one of our great teachers.

Prices and packages

1 student  $499 (Includes 10 classes and Lango materials)

2 students from the same family $849 (Includes 10 classes and Lango materials)

Private classes will enable your child/teen to learn better and at his/her own pace.  Class is tailored to the individual needs and goal (Spanish for schools and test prep, Spanish fluency, Spanish for travel, etc). Classes take place at our school in Irvine and on a day/time that works both for you and the teacher.

Sen us your request HERE with specifics of the class you want and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.



LangoKids Irvine offers 2 programs. One is Lango which consists of fun and highly interactive classes for kids ages 2-6. This program uses the Langokids adventure books and there are 3 levels: Toddlers, Transitional, Spanish 1,2 and 3. The second program is called Colega and it's for kids 7 years and older and is initeractive but also focuses on reading, writring and grammar. The levels are Spanish 2 Colega 1, Spanish 2 Colega 2 and 3, Spanish 3 Colega 3 and Spanish 4 Colega 4. 


Spanish  1: Ideal for students with little or no prior exposure to the language. Our 90 minute classes are divided into 2 segments:    60    minutes of our Lango Method and 30 minutes of organized games, story telling, cultural aspects of the language, and fun activities. When kids are older the class is divided into the 60 minutes of Lango Method and 30 minutes of phonics, reading and writing for kids.

Spanish 2 and 3 : Ideal for students who hear and speak the language at home and or school, or have experienced the Lango Method for 2 complete years along with at least 4 weeks of camps.

Spanish 3 and 4: Ideal for students who hear and speak the language at home and or at school, and have experienced the Lango Method for 3 complete years along with at least 7 weeks of camps.

Expresiones: Ideal for students who understand how the language works and understand 80-100% of what is being said to them in Spanish. Kids in this level are introduced to theatrical plays so they use the language they know, as well as advanced grammar lessons for kids.




Our Online classes have been a success! We are not only teaching Spanish, we are connecting with the students, having discussion on how they feel and supporting them through it all. For summer and fall, we are plannig very hands-on,  playful, and fun classses and the theme for the fall is Adventure in the Space. Kids will love this theme!


ONLINE CLASS PRICE $380 + Covenience Fee

For more info on Learning Kits for Online Classes click HERE





We place a strong emphasis on our materials as they are the means to ensure learning in and outside the classroom. When a student is registered for the first time in Lango Classes (not Colega classes), he receives a CD and a book. Toddlers receive a CD. Second and multiple times registrations receive a book, and stickers for all chapters. We send updates to parents and provide online support for language acquisition at home for you and your child at NO CHARGE.


 We are excited to introduce a new curriculum! This is a more advanced curriculum that fits our students' linguistic needs after completing our Lango Curriculum. Our Spanish II, III, and Expresiones classes will be using the following material: Please order in advance! Be sure to order the level specified for the class your child is taking.



As far as classes go, LangoKids Irvine offers a year-round program. The year is divided into 4 sessions or seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. Each session of classes lasts 10 weeks (except for summer) . Some classes fill up rapidly and class size is limited so prompt registration will secure a place for you. We strongly believe that language acquisition does not happen in less than a year and by offering this payment alternative, we are committing to working with your child, while you also work with us by preferring us and maintaining your child in the program to ensure progress. Check out our great prices and payment options:



1stChild or 1stClass


Session by Session (No Contract)

$380 Per season for payments by check or cash or $399 for payments online 


1 Year of Classes (Contract for 3 sessions)

Any three 10 week sessions for $950 for payments with check or cash or $990 for payments online

2ndChild or Second Class Tuition

Session by Session (No Contract)

$342 Per season for payments by check or cash or $359 for payments online 




1 Year of Classes (Contract for 3 sessions)

$945 for payments by check or cash or $891 for payments onlilne


Brand New families to our Program Pay a One Time $55 registration fee
To avoid the online convenience fee, please download the Class Registration Form , and mail it in along with payment (checks payable to LangoKids Irvine) to 9090 Irvine Center Dr. Suite 100, CA 92618.  


What the Experts at LangoKids Irvine Recommend:
A lot of people often ask how many classes are enough for a child to become bilingual. According to our experience as teachers and parents of fully bilingual kids, we think that simply, the more exposure to the language, the better. There is no such thing as "enough" when it comes to languages. Or better said, enough is if they hear the language from when they wake up to when they go to bed. Since for many of you, this might not be possible, here is what we recommend:
  • If you have a fairly good understanding of the language or have the opportunity to have your kids interact with native speakers on a daily basis, all you need to do is to ask for our "tips to use the language at home", and let us guide you. Under this condition, one class is acceptable, however,  at least 30 to 60 minutes of language exposure a day is needed.
  •  If you have no experience in the language and want to not interfere with the accent your child is exposed to when he/she takes classes with our native instructors, we recommend taking at least 2 classes a week. Doing homework is also imperative.
  • Language acquisition is an age sensitive matter. The younger the kids are, the easier languages are for them, the older they are (close to 8) the more difficult and artificial this process gets. Ideally, all kids need to take 2 classes a week at the very least and as many weeks of Camp Lango as possible for no less than 4 years for us to say that the child is bilingual and biliterate. As your child gets closer to or beyond 7 years old, the higher the need is to take 2 or 3 classes a week plus multiple weeks of camps. Contact us and we'll give you a very honest and personal estimate of the time and money needed to achieve bilingualism and biliteracy in your kids. 
  •  As for summer camps, the first week is when kids get adjusted and used to all instructions and survival sentences. The second week and on is when real learning and a more substantial usage of the language happen. If you are considering camps, please keep in mind that single week registrations or registrations for certain days or times of the weeek are not allowed.
  •  We are a learning institution and we focus on high quality teaching and learning. We offer a perfect balance between fun and academics in the summer and we take our roles very seriously. Yes, your child will be loved and cared for, but no, we are not an option for just child care. We adhere to a strict schedule, which creates good habits and organization and we expect families to be respectful of that and help us by arriving on time or letting us know in advance when kids will be absent. 
  • We understand bathroom usage could be a concern for you, however, it is our policy to make sure every child uses the restroom under the supervision of one of our teachers, the director, or one of our assistants. In other words, nobody goes to the bathroom unaccompanied. Your child's safety and wellbeing is our responsibility and we take it very seriously.  
  • Believe it or not, 7 weeks of summer camp are equivalent to 1 entire year of classes, however, classes after camps are recommended to maintain and advance the level obtained in the summer.  



  Siblings receive discounted enrollment – 10% off.

Third sibling in the same class receives 20% discount.

                     Campers who register before April 1st receive 10%off.



Camp Lango (Summer only) gives 2 campers  the opportunity to apply for a scholarship (50%off the registration). Email us to request and application. The results of the scholarship's recipients will be published  no March 29.   




 • Cards: Include your complete 16-digit account number + expiration date.

• Check or cash: Make checks payable to LangoKids Irvine; Returned checks are subject to a $25 processing fee.



• For camps, client requested withdrawals and refunds if classes or camps are full are subject to a 20% fee. If registrations are still open and the refund is requested before May 31st, the client will be refunded the entire tuition.

• Changes of weeks are allowed until at least 1 week before summer camp starts and only if there are spots available. After June 1st, no withdrawals are allowed and no money will be returned.

• For classes, refunds are not available once the program begins or if classes are full. However, we understand that things can happen. We consider refunds and withdrawals on a case by case basis. If you are not happy with the program, let us know. If we are at fault, we'll reimburse the registration fee in its entirely.







  • Unlike many other programs, we are open to make-up classes. We offer two or three classes of each kind, so there are plenty of options to catch up by attending another class during the same week of the missed class only. We do not schedule make-up classes if we are not notified before the class is missed. Please email us at or call us at 714-864-4680 to notify us of your child's absence and to schedule a make-up class.


  • Refunds are not issued for missed classes.