Summer and Winter Camps


Winter Camp 2019-2020


Come on over to LangoKids Irvine for 3 fun-filled weeks of  slime, home-made snow, holiday songs, games, challenges, and more. We’ll learn about arctic animals, winter clothing, seasons as well as how people in Mexico, Peru, and Colombia celebrate Christmas! Yippee! Groups are small and space is limited to 2 groups of 8 campers each. We will have a beginner (A year or less than a year of language exposure) and more proficient level (A year or more of exposure). Each component of the winter camp will enhance your child’s experience of the Spanish language and culture via yoga for kids, dance, crafts, songs, stories and more. Our classes are taught by native speakers who are not only professionals but passionate about what they do. The curriclum is meant to be covered in 3 days that's why the Saturday class is important but we also have the option of a 2 day camp. 

Regardless of what holiday traditions each one of us has, it’s important for us to bring awareness of how other cultures celebrate the holidays. That way, kids can make inferences and recognize the differences and similarities in cultures and learn to value all of them. This is because  we believe we are forming open minded kids who can share, understand, and respect other people’s traditions. They will learn a lot of very useful vocabulary and phrases related to the foods, people, decorations, and music that make part of their holiday traditions. Kids – join us for holiday arts, crafts, music and games (while parents get a little extra shopping time)!



Ages 5-8  Winter Camp Schedule

 9:00 am: Yoga for kids, Welcome Celebration

 9:20 am: Group division, Daily Routine and language activities based on the theme of the day/week.

 10:30 am:Arts & Crafts (theme based)

 12:00 pm: Lunch time and end of half day

 12:40 pm: Movie Time

 1:00 pm Adventure in the Winter (science experiments, games, TPR activities, writing and reading skills improvement

 2:00 pm Book work and story time

 2:45 pm End of the day celebration

 3:00 pm Pick up time



Week #1 A Tour Around the World (December 26, 27 and 28 Th, F, S) 

This week we are planning to take the kids to cultural and geographical journey that they won’t forget. We’ll learn about how countries like France, Israel, and Finland celebrate the holidays. Do you know how kids there enjoy the holidays? Do you know about what activities/sports kids in those places do in the winter time? If not, bring your kids to us this week and they’ll learn these topics and many more in an easy way. We’ll also sing songs, play games, learn new vocabulary, do crafts and have lots of fun as we learn together!



Week #2: Let is Snow (January 2, 3 and 4 Th, F, S)

This week we “travel” to Mexico, a country that has super fun and amazing traditions for kids to enjoy. Did you know that the holidays there last almost an entire month? It goes from Dec. 12 to Jan. 6. In this time there’s so much they do: posadas, piñatas, pastorelas, Noche Buena, Los santos inocentes and el dia de Reyes. Mexico doesn’t get any snow (We don't either here in OC) but that won’t stop us from making some snow and having fun with it. The kids will also make their own piñata from scratch. We’ll make it, decorate it, fill it, and enjoy it. How cool is that? Join us to see it!

Destination: Mexico


Week#3: Science and More Science (January 6-10, 2020)  

Who said that science and holidays don’t go together? This full week of break for year round students, we’ll create a nice blend between the two with experiments and fun. Slime will be the biggest actor this week and with it we travel to Peru to see how kids there celebrate the holidays there. Are you ready kids? Roll up your sleeves and join us this week!

Destination: Peru 





Week Dec. 26-28  $270 or $180 for 2 days of camp 

Week Jan. 2-4  $270 or $180 for 2 days of camp

Week Jan. 6-10  $370 

No extended care offered. Program starts at 9 am an ends at 3pm

Registrations start on October 29, 2019







Summer Camp 2019

(Information for Summer Camp 2020 will be updated in Feb 2020)



We are excited to announce our Camp Lango 2019! Camp Lango began in 2010 (See all years of camp here) and continues growing in relevance, quality, and popularity today. This year we have 2 separate sections and locations: Full days of "Spanish Only" Camp at Irvine Valley College and Full and Half Days of "Spanish Only" Camp at our school in Irvine. With us, campers understand the language, speak it, and ultimately… love it and live it! Students get to spend their summertime having fun, being engaged, and taking pretend trips to different destinations of Latin America and Europe. At Camp Lango each week is a new destination. Without lost luggage and jet lag, we are able to "visit" these places and learn about their traditions, recreation, and cuisine. Each week ends with water games for campers and a presentation for parents, family, and friends. Extended care in the morning and afternoon is available for FREE between 3 and 4pm and from 4 to 5pm at an affordable price. Join us!


Apply for Scholarhips and Save 10% by registering before or on April 1st 

Camp Lango

Half Day Enrollment

9:00am to 12:00 pm

Full Day Enrollment

9am to 3pm

(Offered at our Lango school in Irvine) 

New Families pay a $55 one-time enrolment Fee



Full Day Enrollment

9:00 am to 3 pm

(Offered at Irvine Valley College)

New Families pay a $55 one-time enrolment Fee

1 week of Camp Lango (This is for reference only. Two consecutive weeks registration minimum) 



Any 2 weeks of Camp Lango except for week 2*

Week # 2 July 1st-3rd







3 weeks of Camp Lango



4 weeks of Camp Lango



5 weeks of Camp Lango



6 weeks of Camp Lango



7 weeks of Camp Lango



*If the week of July 1st to July 3rd is included in your registration, this week is a 3 day week, therefore, tuition for this week is prorated to $225 for full days and $170 for half days.

 *This year, we have two 50% off scholarships, one for a student in the full day and one for a student in the half day program. The scholarship is designed for families that are in a tight financial situation and can tell us a very compelling story of why they desire this experience for their kids. Scholarships for Camp Lango 2019 will be assigned on March 31st. Submit your application and email it to before March 30th.  

 Go to this link and read the suggestions we have to help you decide the best class/camp choice for your child.

 Camp Lango Daily Schedule



8:00 am-9:00am

9:00 am



10:40 am

11:30 am

12:00 pm

12:30 pm

1:00 pm

2:00 pm

2:30 pm

3:00 pm

3:00 pm to 4:00 pm

FREE extended care drop-off 

Beginning of program and welcome celebration

Group division/daily routine, dance and singing time


Reader’s Theater/Writing Workshops/Weekly Destination

Arts &Crafts (Theme based)

Lunch Time for Full Day Program/End of the day half day camp

Resting Time/Movie Time/ Games.

Adventure Challenge/Practical application of concepts

Music & Story Time

Review of topics of the day, end of the day celebration

Pick-up Time

FREE Extended Care


*Every Friday at 11:30 am parents are invited to join their child for an end of the week celebration. Join us and see your kids using the language on the stage! 

* End of the day for half day campers is 12:00pm (No lunch time or extended care provided in the afternoon) 





Location #1

 Irvine Valley College 5500 Irvine Center Dr. Irvine, CA 92618  

Spanish levels Basic, Intermediate and Advanced for Kids Ages 5-10 




Location #2

LangoKids Irvine 9090 Irvine Center Dr. Suite 100

Spanish Camp level Basic for Kids ages 5-7




June 24 - August 9

Sign up for at least 2 consecutive weeks 







June 24-August 9

Sign up for at least 2 consecutive weeks



Full Day  

9am - 3pm $349/week*

FREE Extended Care:

Morning: 8:00 am - 9am

     Afternoon:  3pm-4pm

Extended care between 4 and 5pm offered at $25 a week


Full Day  

9am - 3pm $349/week*

FREE Extended Care:

Morning: 8:00 am - 9am

    Half Day

9:00am-12:00pm $249/week*

*When paying online and by card, a 2.5% convenience charge applies. Convenience Fee Waved for payments at our office paid by check or cash only. 


Grouping: We have 3 levels of fluency in our full day program at IVC: basic, intermediate and advanced. There will be two basic groups divided by ages 5-7 and 7-9. Ages for the intermediate and advanced group are secondary in importance to fluency, so we do not look at the age, but we do expect students to be able to keep up with the level if placed in the higher level groups. If you have a student who you think might be a candidate for an intermediate or advanced class, please call us (714-864-4680) to request an assessment. At our half day camp at LangoKids Irvine we'll be offering only one basic level of Spanish for ages 5 to 7.

If submitting your registration by mail or at the office please print your Registration Form. Submit  it no later than June 1st and only if you know there are spaces available. 

Get More Detailed Information on Summer Camp Here (Drop off information, snacks and lunch, camp rules and more)




It's important to emphasize that we are not a daycare in Spanish. We are a language school interested in acquiring students of families who care about language learning, for whom we have created a comprehensive, fun, and accelerated program in the summer. As in everything, the more time and effort you put into something the better the results will be. Registrations of 2 consecutive weeks are the minimum requirement, but know that the results are very limited. Week one (no matter when you start) is a cultural shock everybody needs to go through and in week second kids are a little more adjusted but still have a long ways to go. Two weeks are never enough to understand and converse in Spanish, but at least four or five are. We do all we can and when parents are committed and as passionate as we are, magical things happen at camp! Parents of kids who haven't had much exposure, are encouraged to purchase weeks early rather than later in the program. NO week is a prerequisite for the next, in fact, all topics are different, but for those who have stayed longer, we do revisit topics from other weeks and knowledge does build up. For this reason, we do not allow registrations that start the last 2 weeks of the program. 


When you bring a child to us, you are entrusting your child to experienced professionals in the area of language teaching. Cristina holds a Bachelor in Modern Language Teaching, a Specialization in Bilingual Education, a MA in English and World Literature and is a credentialled Spanish teacher. Additionally, she is the mom of 3 fully bilingual kids. She hires only the best teachers with a genuine love for Spanish and for kids, classroom experience, and may times, they are moms of bilingual kid as well. We all walk the walk you have started or are about to start!


Summer camp is our favorite time of the year not only because it's so nice out, but also because it's very gratifying to see how much campers accomplish in only 7 weeks. In fact, a camper is able to achieve in 7 weeks, what a student at Lango accomplishes taking one class a week for a year and a half or so. That's how good we are, or better yet, that's how good those little minds are given the intensity, input, and motivation. 


Every week we give our campers a new book with all the activities we learn throughout the week. They receive it on Monday and they take it home on Fridays so parents can review concepts at home. Every day we work on a different project (crafts, cooking, building projects) and kids bring those projects home. Ask your camper about the craft; we are sure they'll have a great story to tell!


 Safety is first for us. In the summer IVC offers less classes, therefore they get less students. We are located in an exclusive area and our students don't have contact with adults other than our teachers. During bathroom visits no child of ours goes to the bathroom alone and nobody is unsupervised. We all go in groups with the teachers. At times when it's not a collective bathroom break students go with Maestra Cristina herself or her assistant. We can assure you they are safe with us! Additionally, IVC does a fantastic job providing security and assistance through their Campus Safety Team. Thre is a police officer circling our camp several times everyday and enforcing the parking policies.



We are getting all our material and curriculum ready for camp this year. Here are the booklets that we  produced and used last year. This year's themes are going to be super fun as well! We sure hope you can collect them all. The more books campers have, the more learning they'll get! 


Each book has about 15 pages and it comprises all the content of the week (theme, destination, a fun page, additional vocabulary). The final page of the book tells parents all the questions students are able to respond to and the vocabulary campers know by the end of the week. Collect all books this summer!



Camp Lango in Irvine is the place where your child will acquire a language, be safe, grow, and make friends while enjoying the summertime. Our theme of each week goes along with regular camp activities which culminate with a celebration and performance for parents and friends on the last day of the week. Don’t miss out! Join us for at least 2 cosecutive weeks or for the entire summer. The experience and the language acquired will never be forgotten!


at IVC and LangoKids Irvine


Week 1: June 24- June 28 Fantastic Greek Mythology/ Mitologia Fantastica Griega

What better way to exercise our campers’ imaginations than with fabulous mythological stories from ancient Greece this week? The magical world of the  ancient Greek gods was a world of fights and wars, compromise and fear, fun and punishment, and love too. Many myths were based on the fact that gods, like men, could be punished or rewarded for their actions. Through myths, kids can learn important lessons of life and be more aware of themselves and how their actions can affect others and their own destiny. Come on a journey with us to know who Odysseus (Ulises) was and how he defeated Scylla and Charybdis with great courage and strength. Let us open up your children’s imagination and initial knowledge of Greek mythology by bringing them to camp this week. You’ll love it as well!

Destination of the Week: Greece  



Week 2: July 1 - July 3 Oh, Star Spangled Banner of Mine/ Oh Mi bandera Estrellada

This week we are commemorating America’s birthday. This holiday marks the day our great country was unified as a nation, a nation that influences the world and serves as an example of democracy and freedom for all. The Fourth of July sure is a wonderful time to celebrate family, community and the things that make our country special, but should also be a great opportunity to get creative with the kiddos. At Camp Lango, we have planned a really fun and educational week to teach children what it means to be American. We’ll show them a kid-friendly version of the Declaration of Independence, the quintessential American document. Campers will enjoy some outdoor fun and do relay races, a water balloon fight between Americans and the British and finally, we’ll do fun flag activities and learn about the heroes that helped shape this great country. It’s short week but we’ll learn a lot from beginning to end! Join us!

Destination of the Week: Washington DC


Week 3: July 8 - July 12 Hello My Name is Thomas Edison/ Hola Me Llamo Thomas Edison

Did you know that it was Thomas Edison who put hello into common usage when picking up the phone? He urged the people who used his phone to say "hello" when answering. His rival, Alexander Graham Bell, thought the better word was "ahoy.” But it didn’t really stick that much. Thomas Edison was one of the greatest inventors who ever lived. He patented over 1,000 inventions which include the motion-picture projector, the phonograph and the electric light bulb. Though he completed only three months of schooling, he loved to read. It was his powerful imagination, his firm optimism and his complete self-confidence that enabled him to spend long hours inventing things that would make life better for all of humanity. He was an example of perseverance.  He believed that anything you set your mind to is possible and that all it took was to believe in yourself and a better world. He said “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.”  Campers will learn more about this man and how he achieved his goals in life. After a week of leanring about him, we will all be thankful every day for Mr. Edison’s inventions. Each one of us benefits from this man’s hard work and genius. Today, we are the ones experiencing the benefits of his hard work. Come and learn about Thomas Edison’s inventions and put your mind to work to create something new that changes the world!

Destination of the Week: Cuba


Week 4: July 15- July 19 Abracadabra/Abracadabra

Who said kids can’t do magic? In fact, kids are best at magic because for them, magic just happens, it’s real in their eyes and for them, no explanation is needed. Our teachers this week have some tricks up their sleeves to wow and inspire your mini magician. Be ready because your child will come home wanting to do magic tricks and impress even the most skeptical audience, but please don’t ask them how...we do not want our secrets out! This week we’ll learn all about what makes a good magician, their props, the philosophy, drama, humor, and music behind great acts by great world known magicians. This week will be so much fun and we can’t wait for it to start. See you there!

Destination of the Week: London



Week 5: July 22 - July 26 Little Entrepreneurs/ Pequenos Empresarios

It’s never too early to start training our kids in concepts such as saving and spending and to foster in them attributes and skillsets that enable them to think about money and assets responsibly. This will train the child to have thought patterns which will eventually lead to astute entrepreneurial thinking and will help them develop a "challenger mind-set". Help them to think boundlessly by instilling in them the belief that there is nothing they cannot accomplish.  Recently, it has been suggested that the entrepreneurial mind is constructed in the formative years of one's life. A study conducted by Economic Development Quarterly has shown that entrepreneurs are more likely to have been exposed to the arts at a young age. The same study found those who played a musical instrument in their youth are three times more likely to become entrepreneurs.  We’ll also use the game of Monopoly to see how students make decisions and spend their money wisely. How cool! If you want that and more for your child, join us this week!

Destination of the Week: Singapore


Week 6 July 30 - Aug. 3 Dr Seuss Week/ La Semana de Dr Seuss

It takes a truly gifted author and observant man to write verse as magical as the works for Dr. Seuss. Born in 1904 as Theodor Seuss Geisel, the beloved author wrote more than 60 books during his lifetime, which have sold more than 600 million copies. Even today, more than a quarter-century after his passing, Dr. Seuss's books continue to sell because they entertain children and adults so well with their wordplay. Reading his works in English is a total joy. Luckily, his work has been translated to Spanish and the combination of sounds, rhymes and images are as rich as in English and leaves the reader wanting more and more. It also takes a very skilled translator to convey Dr. Seuss’ zany humor, silly rhymes, amazing character and stories. We are happy to introduce our campers to such wonderful stories and to engage in the magic of Dr. Seuss’ words. ¡Oh, cúan lejos llegarás! (oh how far you’ll go) if you open up your mind and join us this week!

Destination of the Week: Puerto Rico


Week 7: Aug. 5 - Aug. 9 Fitness and Fun under the Sun/ Forma y Diversion Bajo el Sol

How do we have a healthy mind? Only if we have a healthy body! This week we are determined to engage our campers in fun lessons, calisthenics, and fun activities for their well-being. Did you know that our friend Cosmo, often times does not make healthy choices when it comes to food? Can you help him? Only with our advice, can he finally understand that good eating habits and a healthy amount of exercise help him keep his mind and body performing at his best. Learn with us about your senses, body parts, and the health professionals that are there to help us. Participate in our challenge of the week to help your group get the prize for making good choices and finishing the best.

Destination of the Week: Bolivia 





Withdrawals before June 1 in the case camps are sold-out: Camp fee refunded less 10% Administrative Fee.

Withdrawals between June 2 - June 10: Camp fee refunded less 25% Administrative Fee

Withdrawals on or after June 10: Camp Tuition is non refundable.

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Join us this summer, we promise you won't regret it!