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  Now you can follow the season' storyline of the session and review the vocabulary. Simply, click HERE and enjoy!

What is the importance of Learning a Language? Find out here:http://triad.bizjournals.com/triad/stories/2005/08/29/editorial2.html

Lango is happy to offer classes in the three languages that we find are most popular among the families in the communities we serve:


Spanish has been our most requested language since the day we started offering classes. Parents in every Lango community tell us that they feel that Spanish offers practical and cultural relevance for their children. Lango offers Spanish classes in every area we serve.

Here are some resources that you can use to continue the Spanish language acquisition process at home:




While not as popular among earlier generations, French remains a favorite among a passionate subgroup of Lango families. Lango teaches French, another romance language, using a very similar teaching approach to our Spanish classes, focusing heavily on accent for its stickier pronunciation elements as well as the interactive aspect of each one of our classes. Join us and discover with the magic of this wonderful language with us!